Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter & Schedule a Service Appointment with AutoOne Today

With the arrival of winter, drivers will face many obstacles out on the road. That is why we advise our friends and neighbors around Lititz, Ephrata, and Manheim areas to visit the Auto One Service Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania! Our professional technicians can help you prep your car, truck, or SUV for the colder weather on the horizon.

Two Ways Our Technicians Help You Prepare Your Car for the Coming Winter

  • Winter Tire Installation — One of the main challenges during the season is the snow and ice that cover the streets. These elements make the pavement slippery and can cause drivers to lose control over their vehicle. Fortunately, there is an effective way to combat this problem. Winter tires are made of a cold-resistant rubber compound and designed with deeper tread marks. Have our team install winter tires onto your model, and you can maintain tire pressure and prevent hydroplanes!

  • Fluid Replacement/Refill — Did you know that the dropping temperature also influences your vehicle? To be more specific, components like your engine (when exposed to the cold) are at risk of a breakdown without proper preventative measures in place. Antifreeze, for instance, is the fluid that keeps your engine from freezing. Other components also need oil in order to function correctly, but the viscosity of standard oil is no match for the cold. That is why you will have to opt for a winter-grade oil instead. You can count on our experts to replace or refill these types of necessary fluids.

Contact Our Lancaster Service Center Today

These are just two ways we help our customers at AutoOne get ready for the winter. So, if you have yet to prepare your vehicle, then do not wait. The season is right around the corner! Contact our service center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to schedule your checkup with our technicians today.

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