Purchasing a car is a big decision, and many shoppers wonder Should I buy a new car or a used one? We believe that you can get the best savings and the most value by choosing a pre-owned car, truck, or SUV. Why? Here are a few reasons millions of drivers choose to buy used:

  • Used Cars Cost Thousands Less to Buy - When you purchase a used vehicle, you'll pay significantly less. Even a vehicle that's only one year old will often cost several thousands of dollars less than a new model, and many models have few or no changes from year to year. You can get just about any modern feature or upgrade you want and keep thousands of dollars more in your pocket.
  • Used Cars Cost Thousands Less to Drive - We all know that a used vehicle will cost thousands of dollars less right off the lot, but the used car savings are just beginning. Pre-owned vehicles not only cost less to buy, they cost less to insure, less to register, and you'll pay less for added features than you would with a new car too.
  • New Cars Lose the Most Value--and They Lose it Fast - A brand-new car will lose about twenty percent of its value before you could even get to Lititz--and it'll likely lose another ten percent of its value in just a year--even if all you do is drive from Manheim, PA to Ephrata, PA once a week. When you buy a pre-owned vehicle, you don't have to worry about that steep loss.

If you're ready to enjoy all the benefits of buying a pre-owned vehicle, come see us at Auto One for a test-drive!