Choosing the Right Automotive Brand for You in Lancaster, PA.

Shopping for a new vehicle in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, you will find that there are many brands for you to consider. Those who are unfamiliar with various automakers may therefore have some difficulty in choosing the right model. That is where Auto One can help you! We have listed some topics below that will assist you on your search.

Economy vs. Luxury Brands

One of the major distinctions between automakers is in their classification. For example, Volkswagen is an economy brand whereas BMW is a luxury brand. Seeing as there are more manufacturers who rank in the former group, you will have more options on this end of the spectrum. Additionally, their prices tend to be significantly lower than their high-end competitors, making them a practical choice for the average car buyer. On the other hand, although there is a slightly smaller pool of upscale options, you can expect greater satisfaction. This is because premium cars oftentimes include heated front seats, a panoramic sunroof, hands-free trunk, and other sought-after amenities as a standard. The difference in craftsmanship is what sets economy and luxury brands apart.

Review Automotive History

Some automakers have a longer auto history than others. Take the Ford Motor Company, for instance. Established over a hundred years ago, the industry owes many firsts to this maker such as the moving assembly line which has increased the speed of production tenfold. Its heritage has made it one of the most recognizable names. Of course, there are relatively newer brands in comparison, such as Honda. Despite being founded several decades later, it has international acclaim. This is because its products have earned a positive reputation among consumers for safety, efficiency, and other categories. The legacy of an automaker is telling of their work, which is why we recommend our customers to delve deeper into the brands that interest them.

Consider Quality

The most important factor to keep in mind is the quality of the vehicle. In much the same way that you would research automakers, you should also research their lineup. You will find that select models have better ratings than their rivals. One example is the Toyota Corolla which has been named time and time again as one of America's best-selling cars. Another is the Chevrolet Silverado which is praised as one of the longest-lasting trucks. What these two vehicles have in common is their longevity and reliability. So, by choosing a credible vehicle-even if it is used-you can be sure it will last for many years.

Speak to an Auto One Associate to Find the Right Car Brand for You!

The points above are but a simple guideline on how you can find the right auto brand for you. A good way to make your decision is to take a test drive as well, so we suggest you get in touch with us once you determine which automakers interest you. We hope you visit our used car dealership in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, soon!



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